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  Other Documents
  Environmental Related Documents
  Environmental Permits
    • Environmental Permit No. EP-482/2013/A
• Environmental Permit No. EP-364/2009/F
• Environmental Permit No. EP-356/2009
  Documents related to Environmental Permits
    • APS Commissioning Test Report - 2nd Stage
• Investigation Report on Breakdown of Tunnel Ventilation System at East Ventilation Building
• Air Quality Monitoring Plan
• APS Commissioning Test Plan
• APS Commissioning Test Report - 1st Stage
• As built drawings of noise and visual mitigation measures for Slip Road 8
• As-built Drawings of Noise and Visual Mitigation Measures
• Application No. EIA-141/2007
• Application No. EIA-057/2001
  Gazette Documents
Gazette Documents
    • GN 6266
• GN 27
• Gazette Plan (Amendment)
• Gazette Plan (Original)
• GN 3010
• GN 4767
• GN 8202

    • Information Paper on Reprovisioning Arrangements of Affected Moorings and Anchorage during Trunk Road Construction at the Causeway Bay Typhoon Shelter
• Report on Construction of the Trunk Road Tunnel in Causeway Bay Typhoon Shelter
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